Talon7 Solutions

Successful technology adoption requires strategic planning, solution design, deployment and support. Talon7 is not your traditional consulting firm. Not only will Talon7 identify your problem areas, but we will help you design, deploy, and support a solution that works well with your existing enterprise. Talon7 also assists with strategic planning to help “future proof” your systems.

Talon7 Solutions embeds nationally recognized funding experts on your project. With a proven success record of millions of dollars in grant funding for public safety agencies including awards from the Dept. of Homeland Security, Dept. of Commerce, and Dept. of Justice, the T7 team can work to ensure your technology funding objectives are met.

We are a vendor-agnostic service and equipment provider. We can advise you on all possible technology solutions and help you select those that make the most sense for you. Our independence enables us to deliver the most advanced system configurations at the best possible value--ensuring that we remain focused on meeting your unique requirements rather than “pushing” product.

Cutting Edge Technologies from our industry experts help ensure the best possible solutions for your agency.  T7 industry experts are constantly evaluating new technologies so you don’t have to. T7 industry experts help mitigate the challenges of implementing new technology while effectively leveraging your legacy systems.

T7 Solutions provides the best of both worlds by combining high-level experts with years of experience across both business processes and leading technology for Public Safety, Education, Health Care, Gaming and Energy sectors