Talon7 Advisory

Talon7 is a technology-centric solution provider that occupies a unique position in the marketplace. T7 works closely with technology buyers to understand their needs and supplies “capabilities” rather than specific brands. This opens the door for T7 to consider a wide range of newer technology options. Our business model is to increase the likelihood that promising technology companies succeed by aligning them with revenue-making opportunities in vertical markets including; Security, Telecommunications, Government, Public Safety, Gaming, Energy and IT.

Talon7 can speed your technology’s time to market. We accelerate your company’s growth by connecting you with existing buyers. T7’s Advisory, Solutions and Integration services are designed to work synergistically as a turn-key market accelerator for early to mid-stage technology companies. Let us talk to you about how we can enhance your team, and help you achieve crucial business milestones.

Corporate Development T7 brings over 80 years of executive management experience ranging from Global 2000, Government and New/Early Stage Entrants specifically in the markets we serve. T7’s range allows us to  “talk your language” in key challenge areas such as Corporate Board enhancement, Management Team development, regulatory and tax issues, M&A, and funding objectives. The T7 team has raised over 10 billion in capital and is the technology, vetting arm for key funders in its markets.

Business Development T7 has extensive relationships throughout the distribution chain and has accelerated companies of all sizes within the markets we serve. Our commitment is to provide best of breed or evolutionary products and services to the end-users who trust T7 for mission critical solutions. Within this role, T7 is uniquely positioned to help your company with to-market strategy and management. Whether you are looking for key anchor accounts that provide reference and repeatability or you are looking to extending your reach and shortening sales cycles, T7 can dramatically impact your business development.